Our key strength is our ability to provide an end to end solution from Cameras, Director and Crew to social media distribution.

We deliver high quality, technically innovative streams for brands, rights holders, artists and broadcasters.

We have been live streaming since our inception (some of the Vivid team have been producing video streaming solutions for events since the early 2000’s - when dial-up modems were still in use!)

Our Live Streaming multi-camera solutions are second-to-none. We live stream using our custom built live streaming flypacks and OB trucks. We can also live vision mix from our Remote Production gallery at Vivid HQ.

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Where do we stream?

We provide an integrated solution to social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, IGTV, Twitch, and Vimeo.

We also work with unbranded players within our client’s own websites, channels and apps.

We ensure our streams can be experienced on all devices regardless of screen size or operating system.

Bespoke Solutions

We create bespoke live streaming solutions which include:

  • Pay Per View, advertising, and data capture.
  • Two-way audience interaction and contribution within live stream
  • Following metrics on viewer retention to guide program content
  • Moderated Q+As
  • On screen interactive or dynamic graphics, with the ability to uniquely tailor to each viewer.

Remote Production

We work with a number of major partners in the ever growing world of remote production, providing an engineer managed solution that ensures high quality support onsite whilst minimising equipment and people actually on location. Our solutions enable people to produce creative and engaging content that will connect with your audience wherever they may be.

Strategic Streaming

Live Streaming is at its best when it’s paired with innovation and skilled engineers. The Vivid team are constantly looking at new cutting edge technology and developing new processes.

We are experts at leveraging broadcast advancements such as Low latency transmission or 5G to benefit our clients. This is vital in productions where a two-way conversation needs to take place to link two venues together or audiences need to interact with an Out Of Home advertising screen.

Reliability, redundancy and resilience are key when it comes to streaming and everything is thoroughly tested before heading out on a live project

Streaming Connectivity

One of the most important things is ensuring the right connectivity on-site, backup paths & bonding, and that all hardware is configured for constant data throughput and not just generic web browsing traffic.

We are technologically agile and use a range of options when it comes to transmision paths. These include, KU band SNG. KA band IP satelite uplink, 4G modem bonding, venue fibre internet connection, and VPN networks to our MCR.

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