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Streaming solutions - YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch & Facebook Vivid Broadcast - Streaming solutions

Whatever and wherever your audience are, we are experts in multi-camera capture and fail-safe delivery

Whether an international syndicated feed, terrestrial broadcast, on Twitch, social media, your own online portal, or a combination of platforms - we have it covered. We enable organisations to deliver their events to audiences across the globe.

Vivid Broadcast - Streaming Cinematic

We capture in all formats including HD, 4K and ARRI cinematic multi-camera.

Vivid Broadcast - Streaming Satellite

The latest IP and cellular technology as well as traditional SNG.

Vivid Broadcast - Streaming Remote Production

Remote production increases creative control whilst reducing location presence.

Vivid Broadcast - Streaming Tech

Broadcast principles on all live streams ensuring production values and transmission.

Vivid Broadcast - Amazon Specials remote setup

Production of the weekly Twitch Amazon Music UK sessions across Germany, Italy and Spain

It may appear like a simple format, remotely producing these weekly shows from our remote gallery in Surrey, but like most things that look simple, there is a lot involved in ensuring a creative and technically excellent show.

Our brief was, wherever possible, to integrate the artist’s own live streaming set-ups in the broadcast. However, the show format required low latency two-way conversations. So we created numerous workflows ensuring a number of agile technical solutions were available to cover each artist’s needs.

We provided remote producer and production manager work stations for each country including a comms panel to allow reliable and low latency communication with hosts and artists as well as the gallery team.

Reliable streaming to wherever your audience are

Broadcast quality streaming

Reliability, redundancy and resilience are key when it comes to streaming. We are experts at leveraging broadcast advancements such as low latency transmission and advanced comms infrastructure. These are particularly critical in productions where a two-way conversation needs to take place across multiple venues or where audiences need to interact with an out-of-home advertising screen.

Fail-safe data transmission

We carry out thorough testing and line ups and main and backup feeds to ensure fail-safe transmission. We are technologically agile and use a range of options when it comes to transmission paths. These include KU band SNG, Ka-band IP satellite uplink, LiveU, 4G modem bonding, venue fibre internet connection, and VPN networks to our MCR.

Bespoke solutions

We also create bespoke live streaming solutions. These include:

  • Pay-per-view, advertising, and data capture
  • Two-way audience interaction and contribution within live streams
  • Following metrics on viewer retention to guide programme content
  • Moderated Q&As
  • On-screen interactive or dynamic graphics, with the ability to uniquely tailor to each viewer

Vivid Broadcast delivered Burberry Spring/Summer 2021 show in cinematic multi-camera live over Instagram, Twitch and on British fashion house’s website.

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Vivid Broadcast - Case Study - Amazon Music Sessions on Twitch
Vivid Broadcast - Case Study - Amazon Music Sessions on Twitch

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Vivid Broadcast - Case Study - Burberry SS21 Show
Vivid Broadcast - Case Study - Burberry SS21 Show
Vivid Broadcast - Case Study - Burberry SS21 Show

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Vivid Broadcast - Case Study - Nike SNKRS Day
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Vivid Streaming - Client quotes
Amazon Music

After working with other production companies it was a real pleasure to know that with you we didn’t have to worry about technical issues. The hosts loved your camera plug and play boxes and the remote producer comms set-up are amazing. Massive thanks for all the creative and technical solutions you’ve brought to the table.

Amazon Music Sessions