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The first truck in the UK to be designed around cinematic capture in UHD with HDR workflow options. OB Skye’s gallery has full front row positions complete with a powerful Kahuna 9600 Switcher as well as 2 EVS, graphics and producer positions. Sound is covered with a Calrec Summa desk offering 5.1 mixing.

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OB SKYE - Plan
  • Format: HD / UHD (HDR)
  • Channels: 12 Sony HDC Channels
  • Cinematic: 16 Fully Featured (ARRI / Sony)
  • Multicamera EDL/XML: Available
  • Vision Mixer: GV Kahuna 9600 (2M/E in UHD)
  • Routing: GV NVision 144 x 144 with MADI Routing
  • UHD Routing: 2x Ross Ultrix 64 x 64
  • Replay Servers: 2x EVS
  • VTR: 6 Channels
  • Monitoring: UHD(HDR) MV Stack
  • Audio Desk: Calrec Summa
  • Audio Monitoring: 5.1 Surround Genelec
  • Audio Interfacing: AES67 Dante & MADI
  • Intercom: RTS ODIN
  • Intercom Keypanels: 16 Installed with additional wireless beltpacks
  • Duplex Radio: Two Channel
  • Dimensions: 11.5m x 3.5m (with stairs deployed)
  • Power Requirements: 1x 63/3A (100mA) or 3x 32A (100mA)


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Our unrivalled technical know-how and stringent quality assurance is built into all our OB trucks

Our unrivalled technical know-how and stringent quality assurance is built into all our OB trucks

Hiring from Vivid means you have the best quality equipment to support your next production. And we’re here to help with whatever aspects are needed, from power to SNG booking, sourcing specialist cameras or providing chase edit systems. Just ask.


We pride ourselves on thorough planning and preparation. From site visits to technical drawings, we’ll ensure that each detail has been considered and planned in advance.


Before every job the system is fully prepped and set up for the specific project. From testing RF cameras to lighting director and autocue remote stations, each aspect is checked and configured to maximise time on site.


We combine our experience and expertise with passion and are committed to high production values.