Our flypacks offer a unique production solution

We believe our flypacks offer productions a unique solution; we are continually developing and expanding our PPUs to provide a truly market leading product.

Our core flypack options

Each of our 4 flypacks come with the following as standard alongside the individual specifications shown beneath each option: Choice of Sony HDC or Arri DTS camera channels, Red and Green camera tally, Production and engineering camera coms, Multiviewer tally, Tektronix & Sony Monitoring, RCP router touchdowns.

1 Oronsay
PPU1 Oronsay
2 Colonsay
PPU2 Colonsay
3 Jura
PPU3 Jura
4 Islay
PPU4 Islay
  • HD
  • For-A HVS-100
  • Single Multiviewer
  • 40x40 3G Router
  • RTS Zeus Comms
  • HD
  • For-A HVS-390 2 M/E
  • Dual Multiviewer
  • 72x72 3G Router
  • RTS Odin Comms
  • HD / UHD
  • For-A HVS-490 2 M/E
  • 4 Multiviews
  • 32x32 12G Router
  • RTS Odin Comms
  • HD / UHD
  • Grass Valley 4 M/E
  • 8 Multiviews
  • 144x144 12G Router
  • RTS Adam Comms
Special offer £500 excluding cameras
Special offer £950 excluding cameras
Special offer £2500 excluding cameras
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Our core flypacks are designed in three flexible configurations. Built for the rigours and challenges of outside broadcasting, these units are fully built and tested before each job ensuring fast rig times - maximising venue time for rehearsals and creative.

Our standard systems are fast to deploy and turnaround between venues, jobs or last minute bookings; and due to their facile adaptability they can also be custom built for bespoke projects. From theatres to aircraft carriers, deserts to stadiums, these units have been there and done it.

Engineering Rack 1
Rack 2
Desk 1
Desk 2
Rack 3
Desk 4
Rack 4

Easy to configure for each project

PPU1 Technical info

PPU2 Technical info

PPU3 Technical info

Our flypacks are supported by our full range of services and crew solutions. So whether it is a 6 camera rig with Furio and jib, or a 24 camera rig with remote heads and mini cams, we’d love to work with you on your project!

Need a custom solution?

We specialise in custom built systems and unique solutions. Whilst our core flypack setups cover a wide range of options, some projects require a more bespoke approach.

Whatever your requirements, however quick the turnaround, whatever the size, location or complexity, we’d love the opportunity to quote.

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