We specialise in unique, one-off or unusual challenges!

Whether that’s custom built systems, new technology or approaching an existing project with a fresh pair of eyes, our projects team is here to support you in your production - from pre-commission and pre-production through to final delivery.

We are detailed planners; we take pride in ensuring the right equipment is with the right people for the job. In today’s rapidly changing technical landscape having experienced engineers who can navigate the many solutions.

Where projects require new ways of doing things or bespoke solutions developed, our engineers have strong connections with some of the leading manufacturers and kit suppliers. - we’d love to work with you.

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Cinematic Multi-Camera

We are one of the leading providers of Arri multi-camera solutions - working with our flypacks or trucks, this offers productions that much sought after cinematic look whilst not compromising on control or grading.

Our system provides full camera control, including tally, return vision and comms, whether as an HD, HDR or 4K solution. Cameras can be balanced to use Sony 4300’s for long lens work whilst using Arri Amiras and Alexas for the main rig.

IP Delivery

We now deliver the majority of our live events over IP.

IP broadcast and delivery is becoming increasingly common and offers many advantages over traditional satellite feeds such as;

  • Multiple streams allowing for separate programme and world feeds.
  • Extended TX time as not limited by air time
  • Cost saving over traditional satellite

In adition to program delivery, it also opens up creative use of remote locations for content input into programming. Remote production is also becoming more popular, sending individual camera feeds from a location back to a central studio gallery.

We stock a range of specialist live encoders and decoders which offer super low latency, high quality point to point connection. We can assess what fibre/internet connection is available at each venue before moving this forward.

Live Streaming

We have extensive experience in producing and streaming live for global brands, content producers, artists, and sports entities. We have been streaming since our inception (some of us have been working on video streaming solutions for events since the beginning of the century - when dial-up modems were still in use!)

Our strength is in providing an end to end solution including cameras and crew. Have a look at our flypacks and OB trucks for more info.

Find out more about our Live Streaming facilities

We work with platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook to name but a few. We provide encoders and software solutions, ensuring the right connectivity at the location to enable the service, we also provide a backup plan where appropriate.

We live stream on platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook to name but a few

Concerts and Festivals

We seek to be specialists in the capture of music

We have strong track record of working on concerts for one-off opportunities to capture content and on greenfield sites for festivals. We know most of the leading TV industry music crew, this helps ensure smooth working relationships and invaluable experience, particularly with the little things they need - such as tally on the Furio monitors, or a particular camera sent to individual return 2 feeds - ensuring the best possible capture.

Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals
Vivid Concerts & Festivals


We have extensive experience in providing visual solutions for high profile events environments.

Whether your looking for image reinforcement camera solutions, live stream or a complete production package for graphics servers and VT playback as well as manage the LED and projection solutions. We can then handle the live stream and distribution of media, to offer a one stop technical shop for your presentation and video support requirements.

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