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case study
T20 Cricket

The brief: Core coverage of T20 Cricket at The Oval, London.

what we did

  • OB Facilities
  • Engineering
  • Camera Crew

the detail

Not all cricket OBs are 30 cameras! With the rise of new broadcasting outlets, rights holders and federations are increasingly looking for ways to produce satisfactory productions on a smaller budget. The coverage of the T20 Blast at The Oval was a great example that fewer cameras can still provide engaging coverage.

“Increased audience engagement and higher viewing figures.”

We started by matching our experienced cricket camera ops with production’s experienced gallery crew. We developed a graphics solutions that could be operated by the producer using a Stream Deck to trigger onscreen graphics, therefore simplifying the operational process, and reducing the need for an extra operator.

The result? A coverage that rivalled what could be achieved with 3 times the crew and 5 times the budget which in turn has increased audience engagement, driven viewing figures up and continued to raise the profile of the series.