we do this

case study
Remote Production

The brief: Capturing a football match in 4K and sending the feeds to a remote gallery in Holland

what we did

  • OB Facilities
  • Engineering
  • Camera Crew

the detail

We deployed racks from one of our flypacks in a comentary booth for this match. It took up very little space.

“The director, replay and graphics operators were all off site.”

The HDC4300 cameras were controlled by a vision supervisor on site. Feeds from the cameras were sent to the main gallery in Holland where the director and production crew were. From there they handeled graphics and replay.

We had a feed back to London which we used for return video on the cameras. Tally information was sent via IP from the vision switcher in holland to the CCUs in london.

We integrated two channels of IP coms so that the director could speak to the camera operators and we had production and engineering channels also.

The comentator was on site in London watching the match. His audio and match FX microphones were sent from the stadium back to Holland where the audio was mixed.