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case study
plug straight into nashville

The brief: Hidden camera advert to launch British Airways direct flights to Nashville.

what we did

  • OB Facilities
  • IP contribution
  • Engineering Crew

the detail

The concept for this commercial was to connect guests at a London guitar shop via hidden cameras with a well-known blues guitarist in Nashville.

“It was important that the link was low latency as the participants would be playing blues together.”

In addition to providing the OB and hidden camera rig to cover the shop in central London, we also sent crew to Nashville (thank you BA) and provided an IP connection directly from the studio to enable two-way contribution across the atlantic.

The project had many technical challenges due to the locations, limited access and fast turnaround but was delivered smoothly and the production was a great success.

If you’re interested in live links and IP contribution or have a fixed rig show we’d love to see how we can be of assistance.