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case study
antiques roadshow

The brief: Provide OB facilities in venues across the UK for this national treasure of a programme now in its 42nd series.

what we did

  • OB Facilities
  • Engineering

the detail

Filmed in a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues, from country houses to palaces, museums to National Trust gardens, every venue has its own unique challenges. In addition, the format requires multiple set-ups each day and a large team of production personnel tracking the items being reviewed to ensure the right ones are filmed and captured.

“We developed a number of bespoke production units

We developed several bespoke production units to ensure that the production team had access to the most up-to-date information and could easily monitor items being filmed. A multi-camera logger ensured that the director’s live cut could quickly be opened in the edit to make it easier when dealing with the large amount of footage.

Whilst our OB1 operated as the hub for engineering, sometimes the filming area could be 100’s of metres from the nearest parking. So, we also toured a bespoke gallery set-up that mirrored the OB unit and enabled the director to monitor, cut and direct either from OB1 or from the floor; with engineering and audio simultaneously ensuring picture and sound quality in the controlled environment of the truck.