We specialise in unique, one-off or unusual challenges!

Whether that’s custom built systems, new technology or approaching an existing project with a fresh pair of eyes, our projects team is here to support you in your production - from pre-commission and pre-production through to final delivery.

We are detailed planners; we take pride in ensuring the right equipment is with the right people for the job. Whatever your requirements - hidden camera, remote production, mini-rigs, multi-gallery controls, web contribution, specialist camera and grip, challenging environments - we’d love to work with you.

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Cinematic Multi-Camera

We are one of the leading providers of Arri multi-camera solutions - working with our flypacks or trucks, this offers productions that much sought after cinematic look whilst not compromising on control or grading.

Our system provides full camera control, including tally, return vision and comms, whether as an HD, HDR or 4K solution. Cameras can be balanced to use Sony 4300’s for long lens work whilst using Arri Amiras and Alexas for the main rig.

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